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Labour News
May 2, 2016
CUPW members were legislated back to work in 2011 dispute

Apr 29, 2016
Union, Canada Post continue negotiations

Apr 29, 2016
Association at University of P.E.I. files complaint

Apr 28, 2016
Employees in Sun Media Division look to join Unifor

Apr 27, 2016
Blue collar workers to hold one-day strike

Apr 26, 2016
Registered nurses voted to be represented by ONA

Apr 25, 2016
Minister willing to consider binding arbitration
Global Labour News
May 2, 2016
District can only meet payroll through end of June

Apr 28, 2016
Trade unions, students plan to launch further labour action

Apr 27, 2016
Government workers strike ahead of wage negotiations

Apr 25, 2016
Union criticized the move as a 'stall tactic'

Apr 21, 2016
Teachers calls for flexibility in curriculum, textbook choice

Apr 19, 2016
Thousands of workers continue to strike
Current Issue
CURRENT ISSUE: May 2, 2016
Last-chance agreement required worker to take test whenever requested by employer: Arbitrator

Indicating availability for shift not an actual request: Arbitrator

Employee's actions were insubordinate: Arbitrator

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Students and trade unions in France joined in protests against proposed labour reforms that would reportedly make hiring and firing easier for employers.

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Employee Off-Duty Conduct – Protecting the Workplace

The off-duty conduct of employees is a hot issue for employers right now. Here’s what your organization can do to protect itself

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Canadian Labour Reporter Special Report: Dismissals in the Unionized Workplace, Third Edition addresses the thorny problem of how to manage employee terminations in a unionized environment. Readers will learn what arbitrators will demand as proof of just cause for termination, what amounts to suitable discipline and in what circumstances arbitrators will overturn termination decisions or vary disciplinary sanctions. This book includes practical advice on conducting a workplace investigation and preparing for a hearing, what mistakes can be fatal to your case and when to recognize that a dismissal cannot be defended at arbitration – along with three extremely valuable and practical checklists on conducting investigations, employee discipline and preparing for arbitration hearings.

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